It´s the nature and the beautiful cultural landscape that makes Sløvika Camping and Holiday Homes so peaceful and special. The location down by the waterfront is especially lovely during the summer season. Sløvika Camping is also located in the middle of the Pilgim´s Route and by the historical bridge Roen Bro. The bridge was built during the creation of the mainroad between Bergen and Kristiania – also known as the Kings road, as many norwegian kings travelled through. Right above Roen Bro there was a resting and taproom in the 19th century.

Sløvika Camping and Holiday homes is run by Hans Gunstad and Marit Olive Lindstad. They are both passionate about creating an including and welcoming place to come to. The camping site was established in the 1960´s and has been run by Hans´s uncle and aunt for many years. Hans bought the camping site in 1997 and has run Sløvika Camping ever since as well as the farm Gunstad located nearby.

The name Sløvika has its origin from the Norwegian word Sløfiske. It’s a way of fishing by trapping the big fish inside the bay and letting the small fish escape through nets.

Sløvika´s history and location are excellent for travelers, those who seek calmness, those who like small and intimate places, those who wish for activities both on shore and in water, walkers and those who like fishing.

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Sløvika Camping and Holiday Homes

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